Most Surprising and Never Imagined Uses of Vodka

Vodka the most famous drink around the world The one that is very neutral and can be mixed with alcohol and non alcohol beverages. But it will not cause any harm if you intake it in limit. Apart from a drink Vodka can be useful in many ways. Uses of Vodka that you can’t imagine.

Unbelievable uses of Vodka are:

1. When you start having a toothache, pour some vodka on a small cotton ball and put it on the gums above the sore tooth. After a while you can feel the difference.

uses of vodka
2. Fight against Dandruff and keep your hair healthy. Mix a shot of vodka with water and rinse your hairs with this mix after washing your hairs with shampoo. It will prevent dead skin flakes to build up. If you want shiny hairs, mix a small amount of vodka with conditioner and apply it on hairs.

uses of vodka
3. You can use vodka as a mouthwash because it is a great disinfectant and good for killing odors. Add some amount of vodka in water and a few teaspoons of cinnamon to create a refreshing mouthwash. After a week you can use it.
4. Because vodka is a good disinfectant it kills various bacteria that cause odour. Spray it in sneakers if they smell bad.uses of vodka
5. When you buy expensive darker clothes, and having the fear of fading the shade of cloth, then spray vodka on the clothes and prevent it from shading.

uses of vodka
6. Vodka can be also used to clean the Jewelry. If jewels are looking faded, rinse them for five minutes in vodka and after that wash it will water. Your jewels look brighter after that.uses of vodka
7. Want shiner and clean windows, spray some vodka on the windows and clean them with a neat cloth and have a shiner clean window.uses of vodka
8. Girls!!!! You can also use vodka to deep clean your blackheads. Brew a cup of green tea, add one fourth vodka in it and apply it on pores to get better results.

uses of vodka

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uses of vodka
Most Surprising and Never Imagined Uses of Vodka
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